Why You Should Get Your Pharmacy Technician Certification

If you are interested in working in the medical field but you don't want to spend years and years in college, you can become a pharmacy tech with just a high school diploma. All you need to do is get your pharmacy technician certification and you can start working.

Pharmacy techs start off at about 30,000 a year and the employment outlook is good as this job grows at a faster than average pace. Once you have your certification you can work anywhere that dispenses medication, like a drugstore, hospital or institution. You work with a pharmacist and count out and measure medication.

You need decent math skills as the job requires counting, weighing and measuring. You also need good people skills because you will be spending time interacting with patients and explaining to them how to take their medication. Most of the job is done on your feet so you need to be comfortable with standing all day.

You may also have other clerical duties like maintaining patient records and keeping track of patient insurance information. The job is interesting and it feels good helping people. You don't need a four year degree to get started and you can complete your certification in either a vocational college or community college.

The costs for the program are all different, so you need to take some time to research the different opportunities in your area so you find the best program for your needs. You may also qualify for financial aid, so be sure to look into that possibility as well. Your pharmacy technician certification is your key for finding a great career that can get you started in the medical field. Pharmacy techs are in demand and it is a great time to become one.